We do "Aha"

There is a problem ...

We solve problems. We come in when things don’t work and there seems to be no obvious reason. For boards of corporations and for professional firms.

But ...

To solve a problem, you first need to know the underlying issue.  So, we first work with our clients on understanding and articulating the real issue at hand.

Knowing the devils ...

Hopefully, we soon know which devils we are truly facing. To fight the evil, we need to know who or what made it surface in the first place. This is the work beyond the obvious. This is the moment when we will need to have an open conversation with our client. Do we really want to tackle the problem, or do we rather forget about it? Obviously, most of our clients are brave and future-oriented. They know that change for the better is not achieved by ignorance.

Deeper ...

So, we go deeper. And by then, we likely understand the (potentially hidden) root causes that led to several issues within the team or the organization which then developed into an overall problem. Now, and only now, we can effectively work on jointly developing a strategy. This is work that makes sense and that will be sustainable.

Time for Strategies

By having worked with us to this point, our clients will be fully motivated to go all in. They know their business much better. The strategies themselves will not come from us. We will facilitate and support the strategy work with ideas, suggestions and our experience. But - the final strategy must be fully owned by the client.

We only do “AHA”.
Our clients create the “WOW”.

(This wonderful metaphor of aha and wow has been bluntly stolen from one of Alex’ amazing INSEAD professors, Roger Lehman. Thank you for this, Roger!)

No voodoo

But we accept voodoo, if it works.

When we talk about board dynamics, unconscious drivers and blockers or underlying issues, our full focus is on the business and the possible solutions.

We look at things differently.

When organizational problems cannot be solved by the known parameters, when conflicts arise within management teams or fear and resistance takes over, then solutions will not be found the standard business toolbox any more. Then, almost always, the causes of the issues are rooted underneath the visible business transactions in the individual or collective emotions of the corporation and their leaders.

We understand. The business. And the pressure and weight of making decisions on executive level. But our clients do not get stuck for reasons they could solve themselves or by hiring the standard consulting firm.

No dreamers

But experienced enough to go beyond the obvious.

Dr Alexander Fruehmann, LL.M.
Managing Partner

Alex works with executive boards and professional partnerships. In designing organizational and leadership strategies, solving board conflicts, as sparring partner for individual leaders.

He advises clients on board dynamics, legal governance and management, post-merger and culture integration as well as organizational change processes. In recent times, he works extensively with clients on future oriented projects in terms of legal leadership, future legal innovation and corporate culture.

A former law firm partner and legal executive for 48 countries, he combines a highly entrepreneurial approach for legal and business operations with deep understanding of organizational behavior. Alex has received degrees in law, management, psychodynamic systems and organizational behavior from Yale Law School, INSEAD Business School and Vienna University. He is a university lecturer and frequent speaker at conferences. Oh, and if you like photography, ask Alex about his next exhibition.

Matias Cortes, LL.M.
Partner, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs

Matias Cortes looks back at a decade of insight into complex decision making processes. Matias has been consulting organizations worldwide in designing regulatory strategies and dealing with government and public affairs matters.

Matias has worked and lived in Austria, Brazil, Australia and Argentina. Until 2019, he has been Global Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs and Global Policies at Red Bull. Matias is founding principal of Bigobi Solutions, a consulting firm for South America. And if you are into coffee, Matias is the expert.

Mag Petra Hoeller
Partner, Turnaround Management

Petra is the financial partner of the Legal Minds Group, involving in projects if financial and economic assessment is of the essence. She has helped customers in returning to profitability for more than a decade. Strongly believing in direct impact, she has developed a financial restructuring model which provides for a turnaround within 100 days.

Petra has worked for global corporations like Ernst & Young in senior management roles in Europe and Africa and has further led successful projects in Asia and North America. Since January 2017, she has been advising clients all over Europe through her own consulting company, Tachyon Consulting Group. Not to forget - if you need any recommendation for the best restaurants worldwide, Petra will know.