The Legal Minds Group advises boards, executive teams, partnerships and individual leaders in designing legal management strategies, legal governance and leadership structures, navigating the complexities of global regulatory and governmental affairs and restructuring legal and business operations in times of financial and operational distress.

Our consulting work combines deep knowledge and studies in the fields of law, economics, regulatory government affairs with over 20 years of professional experience as law firm partners, global executives and leading consultants.

Pragmatic and Experience-Based

All partners of The Legal Minds Group have a highly pragmatic and experience-based approach to strategic advisory work on the one hand and deep academic interest in the underlying subject matters on the other hand. When confronted with a matter of high complexity, the core question is always how to change the status quo. For us, enabling change is about making a decision in the first place. This is where we support our clients.

We assist in getting clarity in areas of overwhelming complexity and in establishing a strategy for further action steps. Our particular interest lies in finding out with our clients what drives or blocks their performance and then structure all further actions based on this awareness.

Clients tend to reach out to us when they are in need of direct, experienced and unfiltered feedback and active support. In the same way, we are extremely transparent on how we structure each new assignment that requires a team beyond our own capabilities. Each advisory team is only selected after having assessed the real project scope and actual issue with the client. What counts is to create the best possible team for the needs of each unique assignment. We are having a global network of leading experts in their fields whom we have worked with and known for years.

Management and Associated Partners

The Legal Minds Group has been built as strategic collaboration of high profile advisors who contribute, each in their field, a significant amount of leadership and global practical experience.

One of the major criteria for joining together was that all partners have been knowing each other and working closely alongside on projects for years. Each partner is independently covering his or her area of expertise but they are fully on board as high performance team partners at The Legal Minds Group in bringing the very best service to their clients.

Dr Alexander Fruehmann, LL.M.
Partner, Legal Strategy and Transformations

Alex consults clients on board dynamics, legal governance and management, post-merger and culture integration as well as organizational change processes. In recent times, he works extensively with clients on future oriented projects in terms of legal leadership, future legal innovation and corporate culture.

A former law firm partner and head of legal for Europe, Russia and CIS at Red Bull, he combines a highly strategic approach to Legal with in-depth entrepreneurial understanding of legal and business operations. Alex has been admitted to the bars in Austria and New York and has received master degrees in law, management, psychodynamic systems and organizational behavior from Yale Law School in the US and INSEAD Business School in France. He is a university lecturer and speaks frequently on areas he is deeply engaged in, such as legal ethics, boardroom dynamics, organizational culture, the future of the legal profession or the psychological undercurrents of change.

Matias Cortes, LL.M.
Partner, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs

Matias Cortes has a deep understanding of government and public affairs as well as a decade of insight into complex decision making processes. Matias has been consulting FMCG organizations worldwide in designing regulatory strategies, dealing with government and public affairs matters, achieving and maintaining product authorizations and negotiating import and export approvals with official bodies worldwide.

Matias has worked and lived in Austria, Brazil, Australia and Argentina. Until 2019, he has been Global Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs and Global Policies at Red Bull. Matias is founding principal of Bigobi Solutions, a regulatory consulting firm for South America.

Mag Petra Hoeller
Partner, Turnaround Management

Petra is the financial partner of the Legal Minds Group, involving in projects if financial and economic assessment is of the essence. She has helped customers in returning to profitability for more than a decade. Strongly believing in direct impact, she has developed a financial restructuring model which provides for a turnaround within 100 days.

Petra has worked for global corporations like Ernst & Young in senior management roles in Europe and Africa and has further led successful projects in Asia and North America. Since January 2017, she has been advising clients all over Europe through her own consulting company, Tachyon Consulting Group.